Online Casino Games Australia

Online casino games are interactive casino games played on the internet. They are similar to casino games played at a brick-and-mortar casino – however with exceptional benefits. Online casinos allow millions of Australian gamblers to enjoy casino games from the comfort of their own home. More so, casinos online have the largest array of casino games, bonus offers, promotions and impressive payouts among other benefits.

Online Casino Games

Are you new on the online gambling realm? No problem! has many years of experience with online gambling games. Our online top-rated casino games guide is good to get you started. Read on to learn more about Australian casino games you can find on the internet, their variants and many more!

Top Australian Casino Games Online

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Most Popular AU Casino Games with the Best Odds

With online gaming taking off in a bit way, it can be confusing for new players who don’t have much experience with casino online games. While pokies are often self-explanatory, online table games like Roulette can be anything but. Here you’ll find a series of guides to explain the basics of several of these casino games.

Focusing on online table games, video poker and lottery-style casino games, these guides will tell you a little about the most popular games being used by casinos at the moment. But before we get into much detail, here is a list of the best casino games online Australia with the best odds.   

Australia’s Top Casino Games List:

  • Pokies (also known as slots or slot machines)
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat and many more

Online Roulette Real Money Australia

Roulette is a very iconic casino game, usually seen in movies. The name comes from the French for ‘little wheel’ because of the wheel featured in the game. In traditional casinos the wheel is fitted into the table, while online versions use an animated wheel. A ball is released onto the spinning wheel, to generate a random result by seeing where it lands. The wheel is painted with numbers to get a result of 1-37 (sometimes 38) and a colour; red or black. Online Roulette follows the same pattern as usual, but the randomness is created by a Random Number Generator instead of a physical wheel. The best online roulette games include the following variants;

  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
Roulette Game

French and European roulette are similar in terms of that the wheels have a single Zero, meanwhile the American version has two Zeros– which warrants the casino more house edge. Overall, roulette online is one of the most played chances games.

Australian Online Blackjack

Also known as 21, Blackjack online is one of the best table games online played all over the the world! It dates way back and has been recorded in sources as old as ‘Rinconete y Cortadillo’, a book published in 1613. Online Blackjack is a card game played between a player and dealer, often with more players, where the aim is to avoid a score higher than 21. The online Blackjack game takes a very similar form to offline Blackjack, with virtual tables being modelled closely on their traditional counterparts. The differences are noticed in the details, with the online Blackjack game implementing new rules and subtle changes to reflect the mechanics of online play. Blackjack online has several variations including;

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
Blackjack Games

Online Baccarat Australia

Baccarat is a long standing casino table game, popular in land based casinos and online. This is a card game which is played between the player and banker. Baccarat first appeared in 19th Century France and evolved from similar games. The game of Baccarat is known for using a pallet, which is a short wooden tool used to move cards. The versions of the baccarat game online are more streamlined, but still feature sumptuous graphics of casino tables to enhance the feeling of being in a real casino. The online baccarat game is one of the exciting casino gambling table games to play.

Baccarat Game

Video Poker

Video Poker is a variant of standard poker, using video game technology. Like traditional poker, the casino game was popular in bricks and mortar casinos before moving online. Each Video Poker unit would be a whole console, like arcade games, but online Video Poker allows you to run the game on your home computer. Video Poker differs from normal poker in that you play against the computer, rather than another person, so the bluffing element is diminished. Usually these games are based on five card poker and payouts are based on the combinations you would expect in normal poker.

Real Money Craps

Craps is an exciting dice game to play online. The casino game involves placing bets on the craps table and throwing dice. Provided that Aussie players stick to the best craps bets, they can enjoy the lowest house advantage.

Video Poker Game

Online Bingo AUS

Bingo is a lottery-styled casino game that has been around for many years. In online bingo, players receive a random number selection and mark off the numbers called by the free online bingo caller. In order to win bingo online, Aussie players have to match the numbers on their online bingo card with those from the online bingo caller.

scratch-cards Games

Online Scratch Cards Australia

Online scratch cards, also known as Australian scratchies, are the online version of paper-based scratch cards. Playing scratch cards online allows Aussies to generate large casino wins with a little investment.

Real Money Australian Pokies

Amongst the plethora of internet casino games, online pokies are the most popular casino games – especially in Australia. Australian pokie games also known as slots, slot machines or fruit machines were initially 3-reeled. However, pokies today consist of 3-reels, 5-reels and sometimes multi-reels. Pokies are one of the best casino games to win money.  For impressive wins, casinos also feature Australian online pokies with progressive jackpots. Currently, the most popular progressive online pokies in Australia include the following titles:

  • Aztec’s millions
  • Megasaur
  • Spirit of the Inca
  • Pirate Adventure
  • Slotfather JP
  • Rise of RA
  • Fortune Spells

Best Real Money Casino Games – Online Casino Games that Pay

Playing casino games that pay makes gambling extra fun. Aussie punters have a chance of winning multi-million dollar jackpots when they play win real money games. What’s more exciting is that there is a wide variety of best casino games online to choose from. Australian gamblers can play games for real money from as little as AU$0.01. However, our advice at is that our readers should gamble responsibly.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casino games online allow you to enjoy real time gambling with a real casino dealer. Using the best software, live dealer games casino sites let you play the best casino table games online with a human casino operator and in some cases with other players in a form of a video stream.  Aussies can communicate with the dealer and other players via live chat.

Demo Casino Games: Free Games to Win Real Money

Free casino games are games online which Aussies can play without spending money from their account. Demo games allow you to learn how to play a specific game before you can wager and play casino games online for real money. More so, free games at casinos also allow seasoned players to develop and test gaming techniques and strategies for a greater chance to win when they play Aussie casino games for real money. Once players are comfortable with their gameplay they can go on and play internet casino games real money to win real cash. 

Tips & Tricks for On line Casino Games

Try Casino Games Online for Free

The best casino sites in Australia allow punters to try their games for free. It is good that gamblers take advantage of this option to learn how to play their favourite casino game online before they can wager and play real cash games. However, keep in mind that free casino games don’t pay out like top-rated casino games real money. Aussie punters can enjoy free table games, free online pokies and a whole lot more.

Set Your Online Gaming Budget

Before you start playing games real for money, the first thing you want to do is set your gambling budget. This will ensure that you do not overspend your money. More so, gamblers need to select a casino game which fits their budget.

Make Use of Casino Game Promotions

The Australian casino sites that we recommend run regular promotions for Aussies players to enjoy. We recommend that Australian players make use of the bonuses and promotions provided by the casinos, especially the sign up bonus. Casino bonuses allow you to play the best casino games for free and you might get lucky and score it big in the process. Just make sure you read and understand the casino’s terms and conditions to enjoy the casino bonuses with no worries.

Play Casino Games Sober

Don’t drink and play! It is important to play internet casino games sober-minded since the influence of alcohol can hinder your judgement and lead you to making poor decisions.

Take Breaks When Gambling

Last but not least, always play on line casino games Australia with a clear mind. Take breaks in between your game play to make the best bets.

Online Gambling Games Glossary

  • Ante – Refers to the smallest bet that a player must wager before they can play their hand in a card game.
  • Action – The amount of money a particular punter wagers during an online gambling game session.
  • Hand – The card a player will use to pay that round of the game.
  • House Edge – The advantage the casino has over the player.
  • Draw – When a player adds another card to their hand.
  • Cut – Refers to separating the deck of cards before playing – usually during “shuffling”.

Australian Gambling History

The history of gambling overall is a long one, as it can be dated many centuries and has evolved throughout the years. Gambling games have been known to exist to every culture in existence and can be traced back to Chinese origins. However in Australia, gambling became popular since the inception of the Commonwealth of Australia back in 1901. This was the time when the government permitted and promoted almost all forms of gambling. Over the centuries, casino gaming in AU evolved significantly. 

Today, Australians can enjoy casino gambling and all forms of gambling games online. All thanks to the internet! 

History of Australian Casino Games: A Timeline

  • 1901 – 1919 – Commonwealth of Australia gets introduced. Card games and horse racing get British influence and gain popularity. Other games evolve due to Asian and European influences.
  • 1920s – The first lottery gaming system is introduced by the Australian government.
  • 1930s -1960s – Off-track sports betting grow in popularity underground and causes the government’s revenue to decline.
  • 1970s – Casinos and slot machines are introduced with influence from the United States. Off-track betting also becomes legal – enabling the Australian government to get back the money it had lost previously due to underground sports betting.
  • 21st Century – Gambling becomes an integral part of the Australian culture. In fact, the revenue collected from gambling in Australia has made it the fifth wealthiest country in the world. Australian players now enjoy casino gambling and all forms of gambling games online; from online pokies, table games, card and dice games!

Australia Online Casino Games FAQs

Are Internet Casino Games Popular?

Very popular!  Majority of Australian gamblers prefer playing real casino games online since it’s convenient. Players can play casino online games at home or on the go using their mobile devices.

What are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are games which Aussies can play in real time with a real gambler at a casino via live streaming. These include your favourite live table games; live roulette, live baccarat and live blackjack.

What Casino Games Payout the Best?

  • Pokies
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

Can I Play Gambling Casino Games on Mobile?

Absolutely, yes! Our highly recommended Australian casino sites allow you to play top casino games on mobile. They offer both the instant play and downloadable options. Aussie gamers can access online mobile casino games using their Android, iOS and Windows devices. More so, you can try casino games on either free mode or play mobile casino games for real money.

Which Casino Games Have The Best Odds?

The following are the best games to play at a casino in Australia. Each of them is a casino game with best odds.

  • Australian Pokies / online slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat

Can I Play Online Casino Games For Fun?

Of course you can play the best casino games for entertainment. However, players need to be aware that free casino games do not pay out real money. You have to play Aussie casino games for real money to win real cash.

What Banking Methods Can I Use To Play Real Money Casino Games?

Our recommended AU sites allow you to wager and play your favourite real money games using the Australian dollar via the following Australian banking methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • POLi
  • PaySafeCard and more

Are There Any Betting Limits on Casino Games Online?

Each casino online sets its own betting limits on gambling casino games. More so, at other casinos some games have limits while some don’t.