What is the Verification Process at Online Casinos?

March 8, 2018

The verification process at online casinos is something that you cannot avoid at any fully licensed online casino that accepts real cash wagers. The aim of this is to prevent underage gambling, to prevent multiple accounts from being opened and also to prevent fraudulent accounts being opened and other fraudulent activities.

The casino operator’s very own verification department will carry out its own due diligence on players and they do so by requesting certain forms of documentation from you. You generally need to send the casino a scanned colour copy of your driver’s license or passport and also either a bank statement or energy bill such as a mobile phone bill, a gas or electric bill. Just make sure that your ID is still valid and that your proof of address document (the bank statement or bill) is no longer than 12 weeks old.

When you sign up to the casino you may not be required to send these documents straight away. It could happen after you have made five or ten deposits. It may even happen when you attempt to withdraw for the very first time and this can be quite annoying. However, some online casinos allow you to speed up the verification process by sending these documents in as soon as you sign up to the casino. It can then take anywhere from just one day up to usually no more than five days to complete the online casino verification process.

All you need to do is either email your documents to the address that the casino provides to you, or you can often upload the documents yourself when logged in to your account. This can either be done by launching the live chat feature or by heading to the ‘my account’ section of the casino. Providing you have sent the correct documents and that your current address and full name are both clearly visible, you shouldn’t have any problems.

As soon as this process has been completed it means that your account is now fully verified and that you won’t ever encounter any delays in the future when you attempt to deposit or withdraw. Therefore it would be a good idea to try and have all of these documents stored locally on your computer before, where possible, before signing up to one of our top-rated Aussie online casinos. If your account doesn’t get fully verified, it can be frozen temporarily (with any funds that are inside also being frozen) or locked altogether, or at least until you get around to sending them the documents that they requested.

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